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Chasing the Truth is a Strangers and Freaks mission in GTA V given to protagonist Michael De Santa by the infamous Epsilon Program.


Michael meets Marnie Allen and the famous actor and Epsilon member Jimmy Boston at a farm in Grapeseed. They give him a device that they say is used to find extraterrestrials. Michael roams the area finding various commonplace items which the device indicates are alien in origin. Each time he finds such an object, Michael asks Marnie if this is the item he's looking for; however, she tells him that he must know on his own whether each object is the one he's meant to locate. Finally, Michael finds an old boot and claims that he is 110% positive that it is what they are looking for, which ends the search. Marnie tells him that to go further, he needs to now donate $10,000 to the Epsilon Program via its website.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Use the Force - Find the object without using the detector.


  • The detector used in this mission bears a strong resemblance to the P.K.E. Meter, a device used in the Ghostbusters franchise to detect ghosts. Specifically, it shares many features with the version seen in the Real Ghostbusters animated series (T-shaped antenna at the top with waggling arms, readout with dials and buttons below it, dial(s) on the side), but with a more streamlined, modern appearance.
  • The name of the gold medal objective is a reference to the famous phrase said across the Star Wars franchise.

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