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Chattersphere is a nationally syndicated talk show on WCTR in Grand Theft Auto V. It is hosted by Michelle Minx and co-hosted by Lazlow, both of which don't get along the best together as Michelle constantly makes fun of Lazlow for his pathetic life, multiple failures and not recognizing her as the real host of the show instead of the co-host and Lazlow defending himself, making overtly sexual comments and making excuses for his failures. On the show, Michelle and Lazlow interview several celebrities, like Jimmy Boston and Tyler Dixon, and then take several callers who share their opinions on several subjects or to insult Lazlow. After, Michelle and Lazlow then interview Brother Adrian of Children of the Mountain about his personal development community, which Lazlow calls a cult and after arguing with Brother Adrian begins to have an emotional breakdown about how after gaining a little bit of success ruins everything with a single mistake and how no one loves but hates him.


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