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Checkpoint Charlie is an asset mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is available after the purchase of the Boatyard in Viceport, Vice City.


After the cutscene, the mission can be activated by the player, by either entering the Squalo or Cuban Jetmax located by the jetties. The objective of the mission is to collect 26 packages located across the waterways of Vice City within two and a half minutes. The countdown timer begins once the player enters either boat. Collecting all 26 packages and returning to the Boatyard within the time limit will complete the mission.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Collect the packages before the time runs out


  • It is recommended to use the Squalo instead of the Cuban Jetmax because the Squalo is faster, making it easier to complete the mission.


The reward for completing this is $5000. The Boatyard will also become an asset and generate a revenue of up to $2000 a day.

Video Walkthroughs

PC Version
GTA Vice City - Walkthrough - Mission 55 - Checkpoint Charlie (HD)03:31

GTA Vice City - Walkthrough - Mission 55 - Checkpoint Charlie (HD)


iPad 2 Version
GTA Vice City - iPad Walkthrough - Mission 55 - Checkpoint Charlie04:38

GTA Vice City - iPad Walkthrough - Mission 55 - Checkpoint Charlie



  • Checkpoint Charlie was a location along the Berlin Wall. "Charlie" is also a common nickname for cocaine.
    • "Charlie" in the military phonetic alphabet can also be used to refer to Communists. The Berlin Wall was used to seperate the American, British and French-controlled West Berlin and the Soviet-controlled Communist East Berlin.
  • The packages in this mission are also the same model as the Hidden Packages in Grand Theft Auto III.
  • In the iPad version of GTA Vice City, only the Squalo can be used to complete the mission. In the Android version, only the Cuban Jetmax can be used.


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