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"There's nothing like buying food off the street to ensure it is healthy, nutritious and well prepared. After all, a man who does not have a kitchen cannot have a dirty kitchen."
―GTA San Andreas Website

Chilli Dogs is a food company in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Vendors can be found all around the state of San Andreas. Each chilli dog costs $1 and replenishes a small amount of the player's health. Chilli Dogs advertises itself as the "Best in SA" and sponsors Hotring Racers.


  • If you approach the stall, the vendor might not be there. However, if you turn around, he will spawn immediately.
  • The vendor seems to really like his stall. If you destroy the stall (e.g. with a car), he will attack the player, pull him out of the car, and keep on hitting him, using rude dialogues. There is a glitch when you suddenly jump out of his way, he will keep on going into one direction with his aggressive movement, until he is disturbed or disappears.

    A Chilli Dogs vendor in GTA San Andreas.


Las Venturas


Bone County

Tierra Robada

See also

  • Alex's Dog'z, another company in GTA San Andreas that sells hot dogs.

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