Christy McIntyre is the host of the Lonely Hearts on WCTR in San Andreas in 1992. She is heard giving unconventional advice on relationships such as telling a girl to stick with her abusive husband for the reason that "You're only lonely when you're alone." and basking over the story of a girl stalking a married man by killing a gazelle and sending its heart to him and burning his business.

Ironically, she is not in a relationship herself, and is usually followed by stalkers, as heard by a man claiming to watch her shower every night. Although not said when, she used to have high school fantasies about a boy who would ask her about their algebra homework. Some of her notable advices are for stalkers, victims of abuse, and Zero (who was trying to lose his virginity, to which Christy said she could not help and that she would not even suggest prostitutes to him).

It was implied that Christy met Upstate Liberty pimp and former Emotion 98.3 host Fernando Martinez during a funeral, where they had drunken sex, from the last part of her second set of calls.

Fernando Martinez: Yes, do you remember me? I am Fernando Martinez.

Christy: Oh God, not you again! Look, it was a mistake! We all get drunk at funerals!

In the third part, Fernando torches her car, causing her to leave the station momentarily while he serves as an acting host. Christy comes back, enraged, but falls for him and has sex with him on air after smelling his Bouche cologne.

She is voiced by Sara Moon.