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[[file:Pacific Bluffs|{{{imagesize}}}]]

A view of Chumash

Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto V
Mayor: Unknown
Country: United States of America
State: San Andreas

"Beaches, sunshine, surf, frequent devastating natural disasters... Chumash prides itself on its small-town community feel, if your small town was full of designer boutiques and multimillion-dollar oceanfront mansions. Where the cool celebrities live..."
GTAV digital manual

Chumash is a coastal town less than a mile northwest of Los Santos, San Andreas along the coast. The town strongly resembles the beach town of Paradise Cove in Malibu, California. It is bordered by Pacific Bluffs to the south.


Despite being a rural town separated from the rest of the big city, Chumash can be best described as a wealthy community. Large and beautiful mansions can be seen dotted along the coastline. Compared to North Chumash, Chumash is much more developed, rich, and populous.

Events of GTA V


Map of Chumash

Chumash is one of the main settings during the mission By The Book. In Chumash, Dave Norton and Michael De Santa overwatch a party with a sniper rifle, looking for an Azerbaijani terrorist Tahir Javan.

Places of interest

  • Chumash Plaza
  • Chumash Historic Family Pier (Malibu Pier)
  • Viewing Area


Road and Streets

Notable Residents

Mission Appearances


GTA Online


  • The name of the area likely comes from a tribe of Native American people who once inhabited the central and southern coastal regions of California, including Malibu. The word "Malibu" is also of Chumash origin.
  • Signs at the borders of Chumash give the city's motto: "Where the surf sounds loudly." At times, Police Cruisers lurk behind the signs as part of a speed trap.
  • In the screenshot of Chumash (seen above) there appears to be an axis in the beach house on the very left. This is possibly a mistake made by Rockstar as they forgot to remove the axis before taking the screenshot.


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