Joey Leone talks with Toni Cipriani.
Joey Leone Yeah, I know Toni, I've tuned her real sweet. She purrs, you know what I mean?
Claude enters.
Joey Leone Oh! Here's the guy I was telling you about! Alright Listen. This guy ain't Italian and he's no mechanic but he can get things fixed. This is Pops Capo, Toni Cipriani.
Toni Cipriani Yeah, I'm Toni Cipriani
Joey Leone Take him to Momma's restaurant at St Marks, alright. Now listen to me, I'm planning a job that needs a good driver so drop by sometime later Ok?
Claude drives out of the garage in a Mafia Sentinel.
Toni Cipriani OK, Kid. Drive me to the laundry in Chinatown first, I got a bit of business to take care of. Those washer women aint been payin' their protection money. And watch the car, Joey just fixed this junk heap. So no fancy crap, OK?
Claude drives Toni to Mr. Wong's Laundrette.
Toni Cipriani Wait here! Keep the engine running. This ain't a social call.
Toni walks into an ambush and runs back to the car.
Toni Cipriani It's a Triad ambush! Get us out of here kid!
Claude drives Toni to Momma's Restaurante.
Toni Cipriani The Triads think they can mess with me, the triads, with ME! Drop by later and we'll give them something to launder, their own blood stained clothes!
Toni exits the car and walks to the restaurant.
======= BONUS DIALOGUE =======
If claude crashes on the way to the laundry.
Toni Cipriani Hey watch the car! I said no fancy crap.