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City Burgers (misspelled as Sity Burgers) is, judging by the name, a fast food restaurant specializing in burgers featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The company operates a single store located in IdlewoodLos Santos. The store is inaccessible and does not play a part in the storyline. Its shuttered and run down graffiti-covered exterior suggest that it may be out of business. No employees are ever seen in the vicinity of the business further hinting that City Burgers has closed down and is abandoned.


  • City Burgers presents a sombre picture of small businesses. With only one restaurant it was quite possibly outcompeted by the established burger restaurant chain Burger Shot to the point that it can no longer stay in business.
  • Interestingly the restaurant's signage suggests that it is actually called 'Sity Burgers' but this may have been a spelling error or an oversight by the developers. Alternatively the name variation may be a deliberate misspelling.


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