CityHallhospital-GTAIV-northeast.jpg CityHallhospital-GTAIV-southwest.jpg
Northeast side of the City Hall hospital, GTA IV.
Southwest side of the City Hall hospital, GTA IV.

The City Hall Hospital is a hospital featured in Grand Theft Auto IV (including Episodes from Liberty City) and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


Located on a sloped lot bordered by Liberty Lane, Emerald Street and Union Drive West, the City Hall hospital is based within a massive skyscraper that forms part of the district's skyline around City Hall's delta-shaped park. Despite being a hospital, the location does not appear to be a respawn point for the player if they die, the nearest to the hospital in southern Algonquin, after unlocking Algonquin; instead, the player usually respawns further north at the Lancet-Hospital Center in Lancet.

The eastern and southern sides of the building give no indication as to the nature of the building, while the northwestern side of the building houses a parking lot containing Ambulances and back entrances into the hospital. Because of this design, the hospital could sometimes be confused as a regular skyscraper when only viewed on the eastern or northern side.