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Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound in 1984 Viceport.

The Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound exists in 1984 in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, and is located just east of the Pay 'n' Spray in Viceport. After completing the mission The Audition, the player may deliver several desired vehicles (listed below) to this location for a cash reward. Once at least two vehicles have been delivered, a second Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound becomes available: The Civil Asset Forfeiture Impound for Watercraft, although none of the boats needed for this lot can be obtained until Vice Beach and environs are unlocked.

In 1986, the entire impound lot no longer exists and is converted into an empty lot and a bomb shop.

Car List 1

Car List 2

Car List 3

  • Deluxo ($700) - InterGlobal Films (Reni Wassulmaier's contact point), Prawn Island. Also in front of Ducum Inn apartment and along Ocean Drive.
  • Infernus ($900) - West of the Police hideout (Bryan Forbes's contact point) in the parking lot of the huge building where in Vice City the Rockstar Games logo was, Downtown. Also parked in Lance's house in Ocean Beach. Also parked in one of the mansions in northern Starfish Island.
  • Maverick ($900) - Airport area, Escobar Int. Airport. Also located on the helipad north of Hyman Memorial Stadium.
  • PCJ-600 ($500) - Parked next to the Enforcer in Downtown Police Station and under the bridge linking Vice point and Prawn Island. These two will activate a mission, so the player should cancel them beforehand. Another one is located near the Vice Point Mall. Another PCJ-600 can be found behind Forbes's apartment. They also spawn regularly on the road in front of the 101 Bayshore Avenue safehouse. In the PS2 version of the game, an additional bike is parked on the south side of 101 Bayshore Avenue; riding it will trigger a side-mission, so allow the mission to fail (by getting of the bike for 30 seconds or driving through an orb and letting the timer run out) before taking the bike to the impound and also spawned in the Ocean Beach near the Pier 2
  • Sabre ($600) - Behind the Church, Downtown. There is a second vehicle in Little Haiti.
  • Sparrow ($800) - Helipad, Escobar Int. Airport
  • Stinger ($600) - In front and back of Fire Station, Downtown. There is a third one behind Malibu Club and sometimes spawned in InterGlobal Films studio in Prawn Island besides the Deluxo
  • Stretch ($700) - In front of a white hotel, Ocean Beach.

Watercraft List


  • Money for every delivered vehicle
  • $500 for completion of each list
  • Free Pay 'n' Spray for completion of all four lists


  • In some versions of the game, the cars on the lists are prevented from spawning in traffic (unless the player is driving one) and will only spawn parked in their default locations. This is important because if the player wants to find the listed cars outside of the side mission it is recommended to complete all 4 lists. This does not appear to apply to the PS2 version of the game as most of the vehicles shown (watercraft notwithstanding) continue to spawn in traffic.

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