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[[Category:Vehicle Brands]]
[[Category:Vehicle Brands]]
[[Category:Classique Vehicles]]

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Classique is an automotive manufacturer in the HD Universe.


Classique is likely based on Oldsmobile ("classic" being a play on "old"), as the Stallion from GTA IV has a lot of influence from Oldsmobiles. The logo is somewhat based on the Saturn Corporation logo (also somewhat similar to the latest Oldsmobile logo), but the border is a circle and the center has a loop that mimics the first C in "Classique" from the Stallion's grille. The logo of Classique clearly features a male sperm fertilising a female egg


Vehicle Style Based On (HD Universe) Notes
Stallion Sports Coupe 1968-1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass
AlbanyAnnisBenefactorBFBollokanBravadoBruteBuckinghamCanisChariotChevalClassiqueCoilDeclasseDewbaucheeDinkaDUDEDundrearyEmperorEnusFathomGallivanterGrottiHijakHVYImponteInveteroJacksheepeJobuiltKarinKrakenLampadatiLiberty Chop ShopLiberty City CyclesMaibatsu CorporationMammothMTLNagasakiObeyOcelotOverflodPegassiPfisterPrincipeProgenProLapsSchysterShitzuSpeedophileStanleySteel HorseTruffadeÜbermachtVapidVulcarWeenyWestern CompanyWestern Motorcycle CompanyWillardZirconium

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