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Cleaning out the Bureau

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Cleaning out the Bureau is the first part of the fifth heist mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


Michael heads over to Lester's factory, and is soon joined by David Norton and Steve Haines. They explain that evidence regarding them is starting to surface, and they need to to be taken care of. Steve tells Michael to do this as a large favor for him, with the incentive of deleting Michael's files as well. After Dave and Steve leave, Micahel and Lester drive to the parking lot exit of the FIB Tower, to wait for a janitor to leave. Michael and Lester tail the janitor until he reaches his apartment, where Michael enters behind him, convincing him to take a vacation and hand over his uniform and ID. Afterward, Michael and Lester drive back to the textile factory where Franklin is waiting, and is informed of what he needs to do afterward.

Completion - Gold

  • Check all license plates
  • Follow the janitor without being spotted
  • Complete within 09:00


  • While waiting for the janitor to leave, one of Lester's comments, "This is not the car we're looking for" may be a reference to the famous line from Star Wars.


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