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For the character in GTA 2, see Cletus.

Cletus Ewing is portrayed as a friendly, stereotypical hillbilly living in Sandy Shores. He appears to be a military veteran, as he can be seen wearing dog-tags around his neck. The player first meets him through a Strangers and Freaks mission available to Trevor Philips.

Related Missions

Target Practice

When Trevor first meets Cletus, Cletus enlists Trevor to go shooting together. Cletus has Trevor perform three tasks using a sniper rifle.

  1. Shoot three satellite dishes behind Cletus' home.
  2. Drive to an abandoned motel. From there, shoot out the tires of three vehicles traveling on a nearby highway.
  3. From the roof of the same hotel, shoot three coyotes.

Once Trevor has completed these tasks, Cletus says that he will contact Trevor again soon.

Fair Game

After completing Target Practice, Cletus will contact Trevor and ask Trevor to meet him near a lodge in Blaine County. Once there, Cletus will teach Trevor how to hunt. To complete the mission, Trevor must shoot three deer without being detected.


Cletus Hunting GTAV

Once Trevor has completed Fair Game, Cletus will contact Trevor about making money via hunting. An icon will appear in the northwest portion of Blaine County. Trevor can earn money and points for killing elk, cougars, boars,coyotes, and a very miniscule amount of money from killing birds. The Hunting side-mission is only available during daylight hours.

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