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Not to be confused with Clinton Avenue, a street in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Clinton Avenue is a two-way street in Vinewood Hills and Downtown Vinewood, Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V.


From east to west, it begins at Elgin Avenue and ends at Las Lagunas Boulevard. It has connections to Alta Street, Power Street, Meteor Street and Fenwell Place.

Mission Appearances

Businesses and places

Downtown Vinewood

  • 24/7 (enterable)
  • Adult XXX Book Store
  • Butch
  • Discount Beauty Store (at the Globe Oil gas station)
  • Fruit of the Vine
  • Gem's Jewelry
  • Glitterati Clothing & Accessories
  • Globe Oil gas station (corner of Fenwell Place)
  • Happy Shark
  • Ice Planet Jewelry
  • Mano a Mano
  • Muscle Gymnasium
  • Paradise Sauna
  • Pitchers (corner of Alta Street)
  • S.F.T. Pawn (corner of Power Street)
  • Tool Shed
  • Up-n-Atom Burger (corner of Las Lagunas Boulevard)
  • Von Crastenburg Hotel (corners of Power Street and Meteor Street)
  • Wysiwig

Vinewood Hills




  • The street's name may be a reference to Franklin Clinton or two Vinewood actors: Clinton Aumick and Clinton Salsman. The possible reference to Franklin Clinton is strengthened further by the street's location in Vinewood being somewhat analogous to the location of the real-life Franklin Avenue in Los Angeles.
  • There is a funeral homage near the intersection with Alta Street, possibly for someone who was killed on this road before the events of the game. It is possible to see the name of the deceased person on the homage.

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