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Clothing in GTA V

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Players can buy clothes in shops across the map.

The ability to customise the player characters with a variety of clothing has returned in Grand Theft Auto V. It has been improved, allowing the player to choose from a diverse and a larger variety of clothes.

Clothing types




  • Red polo shirt
  • Green shirt
  • Scuba driving kit
  • White Polo shirt
  • Grey suit (default outfit)
  • Black suit
  • Bugstar kit
  • Golfing kit
  • Beige suit with red in-lining
  • Blue shirt
  • Grey shirt
  • Rappelling kit
  • Olive jacket (Special/Collectors edition only)
  • Tuxedo suit
  • Hawaiian shirts (comes in different colors, able to customize Michael as Max Payne or Tommy Vercetti)

Lower body

  • Jeans
  • Shorts
  • Chinos

Foot wear

  • Sandals
  • Leather shoes



  • Green Bandanna
  • Black Motorcycle helmet


  • Flame shirt (Special/Collectors edition only)
  • Orange T-shirt
  • Blue and white checkered shirt
  • Brown with white collar t-shirt
  • Red pattern t-shirt
  • Scuba Diving kit
  • White V-neck t-shirt
  • Denim jacket
  • Sleeveless Love Fist jersey
  • Hunting attire
  • Green overalls
  • Black suit
  • Sleeveless army body warmer
  • Dress (allowing for Trevor to cross-dress)

Lower Body

  • Brown pants
  • Sweat pants
  • Washed down jeans
  • Grey jeans
  • White underwear

Foot wear

  • Brown boots


  • Calculator watch



  • Flat Peak Cap (Backwards)
  • Green Bandanna
  • Skull motorcycle helmet


  • LS t-shirt
  • Yellow t-shirt
  • Uptown Riders Letterman jacket (Possibly a Luis Lopez easter egg)
  • White shirt
  • Black long sleeved shirt
  • Black suit
  • Green shirt
  • Plaid/tan shirt with white longsleeve under-shirt
  • Skydiving attire
  • Green jacket
  • Blue shirt with white under-shirt
  • Dirk bike attire
  • Navy hoodie
  • Yellow checkered shirt
  • White tank top
  • Orange shirt
  • Green LS Pounders jacket
  • Red Redwood jacket
  • Black Feud FC jacket

Lower Body

  • Dark Blue jeans
  • Beige shorts
  • Stonewashed jeans

Foot Wear


  • Leather strapped watch
  • Wrist band


  • You can tell that the protagonist does not like the clothing the player wants to buy for him/her by the way he/she moves around when going through the list of clothes.
  • Despite being able to buy numerous pairs of shoes for Michael and Trevor, you cannot cycle through footwear you have purchased in their respective safehouses, the only place you can actually chose shoes is in stores. This is most likely a developer oversight.
  • On a lot of the caps that you can purchase for Franklin, if you look closely at the back you can see an OG logo, and writing saying 'Old Gen'. This is likely a parody of the real world hat manufacture New Era, which are known for their huge variety of Snapbacks and other types of hats.


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