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The Clover is a classic muscle car in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.



The Clover appears to be a combination of a 1968 and 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass; the front has headlights like a 1969 Cutlass but the grille is not split, like the '68 and turning signals have been added; the sides bear cues from the '68 (the chrome strip and the vent window), but the vinyl roof body style could be from either of the two. This car is almost a clone of the Sabre in San Andreas, another muscle car. In a beta screenshot,[1] the taillights appear directly inspired by the 1969 Cutlass, but were changed and now somewhat resemble the taillights of the 1968 model. Although the clover is based off a 1968 and 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass, the name is a likely reference to the Chevrolet Nova.

The Clover features a mismatching front quarter panel on the driver's side, as well as a mismatched passenger door and trunk lid which gives the car the appearance of a poorly maintained muscle car.


Rear quarter view


The Clover's handling is very similar to that of the Sabre. Acceleration and speed are very impressive, but come at the cost of the overpowered front-engine, rear-drive design, which predisposes the Clover to frequent burnouts and fishtailing, and generally quite poor performance on slippery surfaces. Also, the vehicle's cheap construction makes it extremely susceptible to damage.


The Clover can be modified at any TransFender garage:

  • Colors (One for the body color; Allows the car to have one body color)
  • Hood (One hood vent available; Square)
  • Exhausts (Four exhaust available; Large, Medium, Twin and Upswept)
  • Nitro (Three mods available; x2, x5 and x10)
  • Spoilers (Two spoilers available; Champ and Race)
  • Wheels (Ten rims models available; Import, Atomic, Ahab, Virtual, Access, Twist, Off Road Wheel, Cutter, Mega, Grove, Switch and Shadow)
  • Car Stereo (One mod available; Bass Boost)
  • Hydraulics


  • The default radio station in the Clover is K-JAH.
  • Along with the Tampa, the Clover features a "Beater" paint scheme (even if it is resprayed in a TransFender or a Pay n Spray.
  • The Clover, Sabre, and Stallion all feature the same engine sound/exhaust note.
  • The Clover, along with a few other vehicles, has suspension that sways. It can be seen most prominently when the player turns a corner.
  • Pre-release pictures of the Clover shows that it had a different rear bumper and taillights.


In GTA San Andreas, it is commonly found driving around Los Santos and San Fierro, with some occasional appearances in the Old Venturas Strip in Las Venturas. It can sometimes be found parked across RC's store, along with the Sabre.


  1. Beta Clover

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