Cockroaches are beetle-like insects that are featured in Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and Grand Theft Auto V.

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In GTA IV and GTA V, cockroaches can be usually spotted scuttling around on the ground near dumpsters and trash cans in alleyways. They cannot be killed or harmed, as in both games their "model" is simply a static image that's programmed to move around the floor.

In GTA Chinatown Wars, they can be found while searching some dumpsters. Optionally, the player can squish these and the number is measured in the game statistics.



  • In the Grand Theft Auto IV cutscene after The Cousins Bellic mission, Roman stomps on a cockroach on the floor and kills it. He then lifts his shoe for a brief moment, revealing the dead cockroach splattered on the sole of his foot. This is the only time a cockroach can be killed.
    • In the GTA IV beta, the splattered cockroach on Roman's shoe was much larger and gruesome looking. In the final version of the game, the cockroach splatter is smaller and not as gruesomely detailed.
  • Cockroaches can often be found inside hospitals in Grand Theft Auto IV, satirizing the poorly organized and uncleaned hospitals of New York.
  • In the enhanced version of GTA V, a large amount of cockroaches appears inside Trevor's Trailer, which makes it even dirtier and with a more realistic condition.