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Republic of Colombia
República de Colombia (Spanish)
Flag of Colombia.svg
MottoLibertad y Orden (Freedom and Order)
Anthem¡Oh gloria inmarcesible!
Colombia map.png
Official language(s) Spanish
 -  President Juan Manuel Santos
 -  Vice President Germán Vargas Lleras
Establishment 7 August 1819
 -   estimate 47,425,437 (as of 201) 
Currency Peso (COP)
Wikipedia has an article on:

Colombia is a country located in South America. It is bordered by Panama to the northwest, Venezuela and Brazil to the east, and Ecuador and Peru to the south. Its capital and largest city is Bogotá

Colombia has no official ratings system, so all Grand Theft Auto games released in the country are unedited and have no age ratings.

The country is occasionally mentioned in the series.

In GTA Series

3D Universe

Grand Theft Auto IV

  • In GTA IV, Colombia is mentioned in the show I'm Rich.

Grand Theft Auto V


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