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*[[Mike]] leaves [[Liberty City]] for Colombia at the end of [[GTA Advance]].
*[[Mike]] leaves [[Liberty City]] for Colombia at the end of [[GTA Advance]].
[[Category: Countries]]
[[Category: Countries]]
[[Category:Latin American countries]]

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Republic of Colombia
República de Colombia (Spanish)
Flag of Colombia.svg
Official language(s) Spanish
Currency Peso (COP)

Colombia is a South American country which is the origin point for the Colombian Cartel. Its capital and largest city is Bogota. The illicit drug SPANK is manufactured here and sent to Liberty City via sea transportation. It is unknown whether other places are affected by SPANK or only Liberty City is targeted. In real life, Colombia is one of the world's suppliers of cocaine. In Colombia, Grand Theft Auto games are not rated as Colombia has no official rating system and is not edited.

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