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Colonel Fuhrberger's House

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Colonel Fuhrberger's is the name given to the residence of Colonel Fuhrberger in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is located in East Beach.

Colonel Fuhrberger's Home

The exterior Fuhrberger's home.


The interior is copied from other apartment models around San Andreas, though it has been slightly modified. The ground floor is stacked with sandbags, and has a howitzer aiming out the window. The roof is covered in mesh camoflage.

Upstairs, there are two doors which can't be opened, and the bedroom, with a picture of Candy Suxxx and a banner of a civilian posse which Fuhrberger is apperantly a part of.

Appearences in Missions

The apartment only appears in the mission Home Invasion, where Carl Johnson and Ryder sneak in and steal several crates of military memorabilia. The home can be entered at any time after the mission.

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