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Colonel Fuhrberger's Home

Fuhrberger's home

"Get off my ridge, you Viet Cong bastards! "
―Colonel Fuhrberger

Colonel Fuhrberger is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Colonel Fuhrberger is a retired colonel from Vietnam who now lives in East Beach, Los Santos. He still keeps military memorabilia, a fact discovered by LB. Ryder and Carl Johnson enter his home in the mission Home Invasion and steal crates of guns and ammunition to help fight the Ballas gang. Colonel Fuhrberger is not seen or mentioned after the mission Home Invasion, and his fate is unknown, although the player can kill him during the mission. However, if the player murders Colonel Fuhrberger, this will probably complicate the mission as it will immediately result in a two-star wanted level. His home is enterable anytime after completing the Home Invasion mission.

His name is a play on the phrase "fur burger."

Mission appearances

GTA San Andreas


  • It is possible that he served in the Vietnam War.

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