The Columbus Cathedral is a Catholic Cathedral featured in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


It is located in Hatton Gardens, Algonquin on Columbus Ave between Lorimar Street and Manganese Street. It is based on St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City.

The building is not prominent in any missions, except for a rampage in Chinatown Wars. It is simply there as a cathedral based on St. Patrick's Cathedral. In the grounds of the cathedral, however, there is a garden, where there are usually people walking around or sitting on the benches.


  • The stained glass windows on the Columbus Cathedral have a design exactly the same as the Triforce in the Legend of Zelda games.
  • In GTA IV if the player goes on a helicopter ride with Brucie Kibbutz, the Cathedral is one of the locations Brucie will request to ride to.