this timeline combineds random GTA and non GTA

events from 1984 to 2013

  • 1940 Liberty City grand prix held
  • 1980 the Liberty City grand prix is fixed
  • 1984 events of vice city stories
  • 1985 degenatron launched
  • 1985 live aid concert
  • 1986 events of Vice City
  • 1986 challenger explodes killing all on boarg
  • 1987 a ferry belonging to Townsend thorreson capsizes
  • 1988 terrorists blow up an airliner over lockerbie kiling 100s
  • 1989 berlin wall comes down
  • 1990 Madd dog music career begins
  • 1991 xorbio game system populer
  • 1992 Khan Noonian Singh seizes power over 1 quarter of the world
  • 1992 Australia surrenders to the khanete of India
  • 1992 seizmic charges cause a state wide earthquake in san andreas
  • 1992 San Andreas declares war on Australia
  • 1992 events of San Andreas
  • 1995 Gary 7 visits area 69 and acquires an experimental DY 100 sleeper ship
  • 1996 Earths Eegenics wars are over
  • 1997 Princess Diana us killed an acar crash in Paris
  • 1997 the remaining genetic supermen are put on trial and executed in fort carson
  • 1997 the new League of Nations bans genetic engineering thruoghout the world
  • 1998 event of Lberty City Stories
  • 2001 events of GTAIII occur concerned about the level of crime in libety city the UK fallows a neo marxist path
  • 2002 Nomad is launched it was designed by a former Spank addict Jackson Roykirk
  • 2003 forty dogg is remastered
  • 2006 rex racer born
  • October 2007 avents of GTAIV
  • 2009 mission to Venus*
  • 2010 E.C.O.N Eastern Coalition Of Nations invades the near east
  • 2011 a major terrorist attack in Liberty City is thwarted
  • 2012 the Olympic games are held in london
  • 2013 Anywhere City events of GTA2 occur speed racer born

events 2013 t0 2043

  • 2014 Tommy Vercetti is elected president of the USA
  • 2015 presidents vercetti order federal commandos to assassinate high ranking gang members in liberty city
  • 2016 Sonny Burello leads the san fiero packers to an impressive season
  • 2018 Impulse engines make sleeper ships obsolete
  • 2019 Sonny Burello Joins the Liberty City Monerchs
  • 2020 sactuary district appear in liiberty city vice city los santos los venturas and san fiero to house the unemployed this policy by president vercetti fails

Sonny burello joins the Carcer city Bats the Portland El is dismantled

  • 2021 the dollar callapses
  • 2022 Sonny Burello plays for an Alian football teem Henry Garcia moves to San Fiero to work in a Bakery
  • 2023 Sonny Burello Join another alien Football team whil at Shoreside vale elementary speed racer becomes interested in automobile racing rex racer is killed in the 2023 grand prix
  • 2024 unification of ireland student riots across Europe Sonny Burello has an impressive season

governor Carl Johnson orders the national guard to quel a riot in santuary district b

  • 2025 Sonny Burello has an impressive season
  • 2026 the planetary football league release a series of trading cards Sonny burello joins the londen kings
  • 2030 hoverjets replace helicopters
  • 2031 earth reaches industral level G
  • 2032 Miabatsu launched a hovercar that has a ceiling of 11 thousand feet and has a cruising speed of 600 MPH
  • 2033 July 4 - The American flag is updated to have 52 stars.
  • 2036 new United Nations set up its headquarters are in geneva and Liberty City car jacking disappears overnight as hover cars com into use
  • 2037 cherybdis is launched
  • 2038 contact with charybdis lost
  • 2040 Television goes out of fashion
  • 2042 football is no longer played

2044 to 2074

  • 2044 a book about a hotel in Liberty City in the early 2000s is puplished it gets a boor review in the liberty tree
  • 2047 hernandez quake strikes the US state of San Andreas causing a part of

Los Santos to become submerged in 200 ft of water

  • 2051 earth based arcraft carriers are phased out

  • 2052 The first conclusive advances on toroidal space-time distortion were made by Ralph Seron at Cambridge, Massachusetts, Earth.

information regarding GTAII setting the reason for the retro feel was that 3 years before 2013 the worlds economy stopped as resources were diverted from manufacturing to staving of the threat from the E.C.O.N

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