This article lists the default controls used for Grand Theft Auto 1 on the PC. (Controls for PlayStation 1 and Game Boy Color are still needed.)

Default Controls

Control PC Keyboard PSX GBC Notes

At All Times

Pause/Level Info F6
Repeat Last Phone Message F10
Repeat Last Beaper Message F7
Cycle Radio Stations F5
Display Suburb Name F9

Toggle Frame Rate Limiter On/Off (PC only)

Select Screen Resolution (PC only) F11
Cycle Weapon Left Z
Cycle Weapon Right X

On Foot

Walk UP
Walk Backwards DOWN
Turn Left LEFT
Turn Right RIGHT
Fire Weapon CONTROL
Enter Vehicle ENTER
Jump Over/Slide Under Vehicle SPACE
Fart/Burp TAB

In Vehicle

Exit Vehicle ENTER
Hand Brake SPACE
Accelerate UP
Brake/Reverse DOWN
Turn Left LEFT
Turn Right RIGHT
Horn/Siren TAB