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This article lists the default controls used for Grand Theft Auto III on the PC, Xbox, and PS2.

For Xbox 360, Black is RB and White is LB. Items with a ? are currently unconfirmed or unknown.

Default Controls

Control PC Xbox PS2

On Foot

Fire Weapon NP0, LCTRL, LMB Xbox RTrigger PS3 Circle
Next Weapon/Target NP ENTER, MWD D-Pad L PS3 R2
Previous Weapon/Target NP PERIOD, MWU D-Pad R PS3 L2
Move W/A/S/D, Arrow Keys Left Stick PS3 LStick
First-Person Look NP8/NP4/NP2/NP6 Right Stick PS3 RStick
Zoom In PGUP, Z XBox X PS3 Square
Zoom Out PGDN, X XBox A PS3 Cross
Enter Vehicle ENTER, F XBox Y PS3 Triangle
Change Camera HOME, C XBox White PS3 Select
Center Camera n/a in standard Black PS3 L1
Jump RCTRL, SPACE XBox X PS3 Square
Sprint RSHIFT, LSHIFT XBox A PS3 Cross
Aim Weapon RMB, DEL Xbox LTrigger PS3 R1
Look Behind NP1, MMB, CAPS LOCK Right Stick Button PS3 R3

In Vehicle

Fire Weapon NP0, LCTRL, LMB Click Right Stick PS3 Circle
Steer Vehicle A/D, Arrow L/R Left Stick PS3 LStick
Accelerate Arrow U, W Xbox RTrigger PS3 Cross
Reverse/Brake Arrow D, S Xbox LTrigger PS3 Square
Exit Vehicle Enter, F XBox Y PS3 Triangle
Radio INS, MWU, R XBox Black PS3 L1
Horn LSHIFT, RSHIFT Left Stick Button PS3 L3
Sub-Mission NP PLUS, CAPS LOCK XBox X PS3 R3
Change Camera HOME, C XBox White PS3 Select
Pause Game ESC Start PS3 Start
Handbrake RCTRL, RMB, SPACE XBox B PS3 R1
Turret NP9/NP4/NP6/NP5 Right Stick PS3 RStick
Dodo Up/Down NP9/NP6 Pull Left Stick Up/Down PS3 RStick
Look Left NP1, Q Right Stick PS3 L2
Look Right NP2, E Right Stick PS3 R2
Look Behind NP1 + NP2, Q + E Right Stick Button PS3 L2 + PS3 R2


Pause Game ESC Start PS3 Start
Begin/End ~30-Second Replay F1 n/a n/a
Save ~30-Second Replay F2 n/a n/a
Load saved ~30-Second Replay F3 n/a n/a