Kenny: "Our noble house will come to a dishonorable end, unless we defend ourselves."
Huang: "Absolutely. Also if anyone ever seizes your hard drive or DVD collection."
Kenny: "Funny time to be cracking jokes, you little snot. You enraged the Spanish Lords and now they're coming to try to destroy me!"
Huang: "Yes - and it wasn't like you told me to attack them or anything, was it?"
Spanish Lords are on the warpath against Kenny Lee

Copter Carnage is a mission given to protagonist Huang Lee by his uncle, Wu Lee in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


Mission Briefing

After you defended the store from those Spanish Lords, they have gotten annoyed and are looking for revenge. So they are targeting your Uncle's merchandise trucks. Huang needs to defend them.


You will begin outside your Uncle's warehouse. You will see four trucks outside; you need to defend these from the Spanish Lords. Six waves of Spanish Lords attack, two from the ally, two from the street, and two from besides the building.When they arrive and get out of the car they can be easily taken out with a single Molotov. Don't bother shooting at the chopper flying overhead, as it cannot be destroyed. Finish any survivors with your Uzi. If all the trucks are destroyed then you will fail. After all the enemies are dead, the player must follow the copter back to the Spanish Lords warehouse. A fast but durable car is recommended for this. Head over the East Borough Bridge. Ignore the road block and crash through the toll gates and keep driving to avoid more Spanish Lords. Watch out for more roadblocks on the highWay and keep plowing through. Keep trailing it until arriving in Bohan. Eventually the copter lands at the warehouse, and the mission ends. Beware of the first two who appear from the alley after the cutscene. If possible, start with a full body armor. If using WMD such as the minigun or assault rifle etc., beware the explosion. If your armor or health is paving low, don't just lock'n'load, get a pickup armor in the compound. Try to get a car from the bridge, don't use a car from the compound because they are in very bad condition. When crossing the toll gate, don't panic, rush past it! Also do some drive-bys when crossing to give your car less impact, don't mind the police, if any police is near your car, do a drive-by to kill if he is trying to bust you.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Protect Kenny's merchandise and take out the Spanish Lords
  • The Spanish Lords are fleeing. Follow the helicopter


The reward for this mission is $400. The next mission; Kenny Strikes Back, is also unlocked.

Mission Replay description

"The Spanish Lords hit us again. I guess some idiots never learn. Speaking of which...

Uncle Kenny's convinced they're behind all the shit that's coming down on him.

And maybe they are, but then again maybe they're just pissed off that we keep hitting them."


Video Walkthroughs

Copter Carnage
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Copter Carnage
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