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"They shot him!"
Gay Tony to Luis Lopez about Costas' fate.

Costas is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, who appears as a minor character in The Ballad of Gay Tony. He is the chauffeur of Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince. He is unvoiced during his appearance.


Costas was the chauffeur of Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince. Due to his name and appearance, Costas is possibly of Latin-Greek origin.

Events of The Ballad of Gay Tony

Costas drives Gay Tony to a deal with The Cook, involved the diamonds. Costas then attempting to help Prince and Luis Fernando Lopez escape from the LCPD and The Lost Brotherhood after a bungled diamond deal. He was killed when an LCPD officer shot him through the vehicle's windshield.

Luis threw Costas' body from the car, and took controls on the car himself. Tony was shocked about Costas' death. Luis was upset as well, but did not allow himself to lose control.

Mission appearances

The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony


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