Tommy Vercetti wearing Coveralls Outfit

The Coveralls Outfit is one of the 12 unlockable outfits in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is unlocked after the completion of the mission Riot. It is basically a Spand Express branded overalls and baseball cap with blue/green Hawaiian shirt, gloves and white sneakers. It spawns in the back of Tooled Up in Vice Point Mall.


  • Although donning the Coveralls Outfit (like all the outfits in the game) costs no actual money, a total of '$80' is added to the "Fashion Budget" section of the game's "Stats" menu every time player changes into it (even if the outfit is already being worn).  This does not apply to the first time the player puts on the outfit during the mission Tooled Up.


  • Tommy wears the Hawaiian shirt from his street clothes under this outfit.