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Not to be confused with drug dealers.


Crack Dealers

Crack Dealers are criminal pedestrians appearing in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The first time the player comes into contact with them are in the mission Cleaning the Hood, where CJ and Ryder perform a hit on a Crack Den.

There are three different models for crack dealers. One is a black man in a sleeveless black mesh shirt, black skullcap and a gold necklace, the second is a Caucasian man in a white hooded sweatshirt. The black crack dealer appears more often in the traditionally gang areas such as Ganton, whereas the white one tends to appear more often in the white and Hispanic areas. The third, a man in a sleeveless leather vest, very rarely appears in the game but commonly spawn when riding a Freeway.

Crack dealers strike a unique pose when not walking in which they cross their hands at waist level. They always carry a pistol and will fire at CJ if he verbally provokes them or even draws a weapon while looking at them. If violence not directed at them occurs near them, they'll act like a regular pedestrian and either crouch with their hands over their heads, or run away. If they are killed they drop a pistol and at least $2,000, which is a good source of money in the game.

Sometimes, random pedestrians will walk up to a crack dealer and a small transaction will take place, although no drugs or money are seen.

If you approach the crack dealer, he will offer to sell you drugs. You are given the option to reply positively or negatively, but no matter which you select, CJ refuses to buy any drugs.

It is possible that Carl Johnson was able to purchase drugs from crack dealers in the beta, but this ability was removed from the final version of the game. 

At the beginning of the game, they spawn very rarely. However, after completing the mission Doberman, they appear much more frequently. They especially spawn in the Ganton area, which could be a hint as to the events of The Green Sabre, but even after all of the storyline missions are completed, or even 100% completion is attained, they will still spawn regularly in the ghettos of Los Santos.


Crack dealers are only supposed to appear in Los Santos. However, there is a way to make the two crack dealers appear in San Fierro, by replicating the Territory Glitch. They act the same as the two that are normally present.



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