Media Lens is a crew in GTA Online.

Crew Priority's 

Media Lens goal is to create a new news network in the GTA Universe playing as non-combatant reporters. Although the name does not suggest it Media Lens is a direct parody of CNN and BBC world news. Reporters are not advised to kill any players while on duty. 


Although any player can become a member and members are not required to wear uniforms this is the current suggested uniform.

Crew Uniform
Shirt White Track with large Crew Emblem
Pants Cargo Pants
Shirt White V-Neck
Pants White Work Pants
  • Photographers should also wear a White Visorless Helmet to distinguish themselves from active players.
  • Photographers may be in passive mode.


  • This is a CREW not a prebuilt gang made by Rockstar.
  • There is no pay for taking pictures.
  • Considering the large amount of crew member within the crew, GTA Wiki may find it useful to get photos for photo-less pages simply by asking in the talk page.
  • A photographer may find it useful to own an Sanchez due to the large amount of off-roading required.
  • Another vehicle that may be suggested is a Maverick for it is less likely to be shot into.
  • For a player that plans on Role-Playing as a peaceful person might find it hard to create an income. Simon tends to have Missions that are "repossessions" that may help with the income. 

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