Note that this is the online version and not the original gta version.

    The Varrios Los Aztecas, "VLA", or Aztecas are a latin gang in San Andreas, Gta 5, and Gta Online.They have 600 members and the numbers rise daily. Their color is        turquoise

They are seperated into two sets: the Blaine County set, and the set in Rancho. They are seen hanging out at the same apartments Vagos hang out at. The Aztecas are known to be a part of narcotic trading, along with heavy weaponry being smuggled in Blaine County.

        Crew Enemies:

The Aztecas are in a fierce war with the Vagos. Only in online, they're holding their own against the Vagos. (Most likely, because how little members they have compared to the Aztecas.) They also dislike the Ballas, mainly because of how close their neighborhoods are. They have beef with the Marabunta Grande, an El Salvadorian gang that wears blue. They have many minor gang problems that don't affect them that much.

    Crew Alliances:

They are allies with other latino gangs such as the los diablos familias, but also are allies with African-American gangs like Grove Street Families. Their other alliances are with other cartels that help out with whatever is being smuggled in or out of San Andreas. The Lost MC seem to be cool with them even though they fight over illegal trade.


They traditionally wear a 90s style of gangster clothing. They wear turquoise shirts, some having the crew emblem on it. Others put armor on over the shirt for the typical Gta crew look. Some rep the original outfit. Checkered or striped shirts are common amongst Aztecas.


They have 651 wins with only 439 losses. There are two videos on YouTube depicting Jamestown Rancho and SUWU.