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Name: Dads Hideout
Tag: DHO1
Color: Orange
Platform(s): Xbox 360 (MarfeJokin ), PS3
Motto: "Dads playing video games with fellow dads."
Gallery: Snapmatic
Jobs: Jobs List

Dad's Hideout is a group of fathers that game with other fathers. We do our best to create a relaxed environment to simply have fun. It's tough enough being a dad we don't want to make gaming part of that daily stress. We like to participate in the Crew vs. Crew activities, robbing stores with our getaway helicopter, and a little mayhem here and there.

Rank Titles

  • 01-10: Horn Dog
  • 11-20: Playa'
  • 21-30: Alpha
  • 31-40: Big Kahuna
  • 41-50: Pappy
  • 51-60: Padre
  • 61-70: Pops
  • 71-80: Old Man
  • 81-90: Gramps
  • 91-100: Head of Household

How to Join

The Crew is invite only and the only requirement is that you be a father. Contact any of the Lieutenants or Representatives to get an invite.

Crew vs Crew

With the release of the content creator . We are toying with the idea of turf wars with rival crews. The idea is a custom team deathmatch is created at a specific location. Whomever wins that location owns that turf. The result is if we ever see you in one of our locations (in-game) -- we're coming for you!


If you see any members from the crew(s) below -- smoke 'em!