"If you mess with us, expect to be put down."

―DLRS Flux
Delirious Crew are a street gang in Grand Theft Auto Online. They mainly operate in Los Santos and Paleto Bay .


Delirious Crew, started in 2013 just after the release of Grand Theft Auto Online was just simply a gang which raced cars, things then started to change when Grand Theft Auto Online was released on the next generation consoles. The team originally allied themselves to the RollinHeightBallasOG but then was suddenly betrayed by one of the Ballas and they were thrown into a long and costly war. 

However they were able to find a helpful ally, Grove Street. Together they both were able to keep in the war at a stable position. They're brash and love to show off their weaponry, money and guns in social media.

They started a war with the Los Carnales, a difficult gang to take down but eventually the Los Carnales losing and Delirious gaining East Los Santos. They also started a war with the Vagos which lasted a bit longer than the Carnales war, when the Vagos surrendered Delirious gained Davis and Rancho. By the end of 2015 the Ballas had offered peace to Delirious which was accepted. They then went to war with MC Small in 2016 which was a victory. There has been no recent war activity since.


Delirious control almost the entire city of Los Santos and Paleto Bay except for Grove Street, Strawberry and an abandoned sawmill to the southwest of Paleto Bay which is currently owned by the Ballas.


Flux - OG

Fox - [Former]

Melown - OG

Evolution - OG

Savage - OG





Beef - [Former]

Plays - [Former]

ReCKeXD - [Former]


  • Comrade "Fox" -  Former Delirious Second in Command
  • Grove Street Families
  • Los Santos Aztecas
  • Los Santos Triads
  • RollinHeightBallas [Former]


  • OG/Original Gangster: A high-ranking, influential and well-respected member. One who has put in a lot of work.
  • Homie/Home Boy/Home Girl: Contemporary street slang - refers to a friend
  • Hood: Neighborhood
  • BK/Balla Killer/Balla Killa: Disrespect term used by Delirious for Ballas.
  • VK/Vago Killer/Vago Killa: Disrespect term used by Delirious for Vagos