The Hillside Families Multi-Ethnic street gang and Families Set crew in GTA Online.


The Families have territory in the whole of Rockford Hills and Vinewood Hills neighborhoods. (Hence the name Hillside Families). They broke off from the CGF in the late 2012 beacause they were tired of the constant grind of low pawing work they began working for various powerful criminals like Lester Crest and Martin Madrazo. With the money they earned they moved to the hills. They still spend a lot of time in the Ghetto and are not ones to shy away from gangland violence.

Despite moving on from Street hustling they still hold a bitter rivalry with the Ballas gang and the Los Santos Vagos and are known to get in to gang wars with them. Their signature green attire comes from support of the colors of the Los Santos Corkers Baseball Team and the Feud Baseball Team


  • Boss: Coool31
  • Commissioners (Street Boss): Noble1894, Snipes0700
  • Lieutenants(OG's): Gninja, SkittishStalker, JetEngineTurtle
  • Represantatives: joshiib7763
  • Muscle: VitoLeone23