The Jamestown Street Gang is located around the vicinity of Jamestown Street.

Jamestown St.

Location of Jamestown St. Gang.


The Jamestown St. gang are not normally aggresive. They will only attack you if you provoke them. However, they are not keen to outsiders so it is best to just stay off of their turf. Their gang color is dark blue.

Allies and Rivals


The Families are Jamestown Street's biggest rival. It is common to see huge shootouts between the two gangs whenever you are on that server. The rivalry stems from close turfs and overall disagreement.


The Ballas are another rival of Jamestown Street. However, you could consider it more of a "frienemies" situation. Since Grove Street is a rival to both Jamestown Street and the Ballas, it is possible to witness the two gangs helping each other to bring down some kind of Grove Street opposition. After that, though, a Jamestown Street member will more than likely steal a car or kill a balla and vice versa.


This is a neutral relationship. They don't like each other, but they tend to stay away from each other. Even though they share the same turf, they still try to ignore each other.

The Lost MC

The Lost MC are one of Jamestown Street's only current allies. They will often support each other and get along well.

To Join

Joining the Jamestown Street Gang is nearly impossible unless you know a member. They do not randomly invite strangers and asking to join face-to-face will normally get you b**** slapped or killed on the spot. Unless they see something special in you, your chances are slim.