The Los Santos State Police, formerly known as the Liberty City Police Department Clan, started out as a clan in GTA IV Ballad, and whose only purpose was to take down the people hurting the game the most. Recently, the Liberty City Police Department shifted into a new purpose and it was to enforce all law no matter how small in GTA Online. They patrol GTA Online arresting and taking down offenders of the law. They have grown and are starting to earn the respect they once had as the leader was an ex-LCST member and getting demoted and dishonorably discharged decided to start the police clan. It is said that the current clan name is grammatically incorrect, however it is grammatically correct, Los Santos State Police, they are state police, in which they reside in Los Santos. They have a recruitment forum here: GTAForums

The Los Santos State Police is a professional police role-play clan on GTA 5 Xbox 360. We patrol GTA ONLINE and arrest anybody doing anything illegal such as; speeding, killing, flying without a permit, driving a tank/jet, etc. Our clan is unique from most other clans because of this; We pull over, unexpecting, real people. We have 3 main branches and 6 sub-branches, (Police, Special Forces, Military; Marked, Undercover, Air Teams, Ground Control, Air Force, Army)

If any of these positions interest you please go to the official clan website:

We will almost do anything to keep law and order in gta online.

My Gamertag is General Colton1, high level positions are still available! So dont wait they wont last long.

We are very active, and will do anything to protect and serve GTA Online.

Our official clan website:

Our official crew:

Heres some snapmatics: