Hitman Mafia crew

The Mafia Hitman Network is a soldier crew in GTA Online that is also a legit business. It allows you to pay in-game money to a player for them to kill another player all in-game. The crew was created by Agent_Ghost17. You can message him if you want to put a hit on another player. Please note that this is not a real hitman agency, but an in-game one for killing players.

The site to hire an operative or to join the crew, is on the Rockstar Social Club website and should be accessable on any device. From there, the creator has listed instructions for payment and hiring an operative. The network is based of the ICA from the hitman games and C'thulhu which is a real agency on the Dark Web

The crew is affiliated with the FIB and IAA but still gets unwanted attention from the LSPD , LSSD and SAHP. The hitman divisIon of the crew is part of a gang the crew is based off. The gang in GTA V and GTA Online is known as The Professionals.

The crew uses many weapons including the knife, pistol, combat pistol, AP pistol, carbine rifle, special carbine, sniper rifle, heavy sniper, pipe bombs, and sticky bombs. They can also be seen in all-black sedans and SUVs with limo windows and bulletproof tires. Operatives will also have suppressed guns as well as ski masks and hockey masks. They also have a tactical division with operators that use unsilenced Carbine rifles and pistols as well as grenades, sticky bombs, and tear gas. The motto of the crew is "Negotium mortis," Latin for "The business of death."