"Outlaws of the road to hell"
―Secondary club motto
"The devil does not forgive, nor do we."
―Primary motto

Plagued Outlaws Motorcycle Club is an outlaw motorcycle club operating primarily out of East Vinewood in the state of San Andreas in 2015, but nationally they are active on both the east and west coasts, as well as the Midwest. The East Vinewood chapter's president Smith is the club founder and first president.


According to the Plagued Outlaws website, The MC began in 2015 with 4 British Gamers who met online. After the deciding on there next path in life, they had a continued thirst for drugs and violence. Because of this, they started the club and named it 'Plagued Outlaws MC'. 

East Vinewood chapter

East Vinewood - Los Santos

Prominent members of the East Vinewood chapter included the chapter's president Smith, vice president Walt, treasurer Forbes, secretary Derrick, road captain BenTheBun, and sergeant-at-arms The Raven.

Although the Plagued Outlaws MC maintain a strong presence in East Vinewood, they also happen to be active in the county of Blaine County as well. There aren't as many club members in Blaine County as LS, but they still pose a threat to locals. The Plagued Outlaws MC are mostly seen around the East Vinewood area, where they patrol in their Hexers. However, some members can be seen further north in the desert, all the way down to Port of Los Santos.

Sandy Shores chapter

Sandy Shores - Blaine County

Prominent members of the Sandy Shores chapter include the chapters president Weston, Vice president NO NAME, treasurer NO NAME, secretary NO NAME, road captain NO NAME and sergeant at arms NO NAME.

The Sandy Shores chapter recently opened up shop at the derelict motel in Sandy Shores near the Alamo Sea, this chapter was specifically opened for PS3 members only whereas the East Vinewood chapter is for Xbox One users. The opening of this new chapter means Plagued Outlaws MC now has a bigger pull in the Sandy Shores area of Blaine County leaving the locals in a pit of fear for their safety. The opening of the chapter means there will be a flow of drugs and arms going in and out of the sandy shores area from the MC's hangout, Sandy Shores Airfield. This will see a rise in crime and gang warfare seeing as the local Trevor Philips lives within the Sandy Shores region and is the infamous founder of Trevor Philips Enterprises.

Members and Associates



  • Jock Cranley - Politician (Running for Governer) and business associate.

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