The Ronins Mc (ROMC) is an American, European and Asian free aim PS4 crew. The Ronins are known for respect towards other players, a tight community and for quality players.


The Ronins was first started in 24 December 2013 by Jeruo5 and Mileshighmaniac. The two got to know eachother via different crews and decided to start a forged crew. The Ronins is an MC (Motorcycle club) and tries to live according to the rules of an MC. The Ronins first started of on PS3 and grew to large numbers. Around March, the crew consisted of 120 patched members and 100 prospects. Nowadays on the PS4, the Ronins are at a respectable 85 prospects and 65 patched members.


The Ronins are basically split up into two groups. There is the prospect chapter which is free to join. When joined, one has to prove himself worthy of being patched over to the main chapter. The quickest way of doing that is to just simply play with a lot of patched players, when joined, one will receive invites from the patched members for playlists or private sessions. The prospect patch should be worn all the time and the statistics on Socialclub should be visible.

The Ronins use the vouch system, which means that if an prospect plays a lot and is considered an addition to the crew by any of the patched members, he can vouch for him. In that case, the prospect will get the change of entering the main chapter and to be patched over. After being patched over, one gains acces to the closed forums.

Ronins philosphy

The philosophy of the Ronins is to be in a crew where you get tot know people and to help eachother. Imagine going into a session where different MC's are present and they turn out to be hostile. A quick message on KIK chat (Mobile phone communication) or Social club is enough to activate the other members and to call for backup. In between the free roam sessions, a playlist is to be setup each night. The playlists consists of races, TDM or other activities.

Warriors chapter

If players become good enough in terms of shooting, he will receive an invitation for a change of joining the third chapter of the Ronins, the Warriors chapter. The warriors chapter is basically the crew vs. crew chapter in which the very best players of the Ronins are being selected. The warriors can wear a different patch.

For more information visit the Ronins MC socialclub or join up here!