Russian Bears Team (RRBT) is one of the most prominent Russian crews in Grand Theft Auto Online.


RRBT was found May 9, 2012 by SC member Rightover as free for everyone crew and it was very popular among PC players. It was mentioned in crew cuts several times, got spin off crews and maintained high K/D ratio. After a while Rightover had to leave the crew and gave lead to second man in command Vlado-V95 who soon gave lead to famous Social Club member luckyshot666

Luckyshot666 made many revonations on the crew, he made it active in PS3 and xBox 360 by recruiting lieutenants, created the RRBT recruits crew and arranging feuds with other profilic crews. He was leader nearly a year but he wanted to retire soon after Grand Theft Auto Online was published, but he had a follower: Yoshimo new and most loyal of mebers who as well changed the course to different direction. She made separate crews for ps3 and xbox 360 communities and integrated Siberian bears to RRBT.

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