The Bstards have a long past, starting on board a naval ship off the French coast. A group of sailors and marines waited for the invasion of France. These men became friends and after the war, they returned home.

However, these men could not fit back into society after the horrors of war. Luckily, these men found solace in motorcycles, starting the mother chapter and later the second chapter of the Bstards.  Over the years, the Bstards had a good trade in illegal weapons from Russia, sending them up north, while at the same time dealing heavy drugs such as heroin, shipping them out of the docks.

Due to the local police and aging members, the Bstards stopped recruiting, eventually closing down. However, in 2015 the club was brought back to life by the two men, one of them being the current president. The president, an 1980's adult star, Ron Longerschlong, had an active career, films he starred in included "Did Someone Order A Pizza" and "Weapons Of Ass Destruction".

After his movie career ended, Ron Longerschlong used his money he saved to purchase a bike and ride. Not long after this he and a friend reformed the forgotten motorcycle club, The Bstards. Over time they recruited a mad Irishman, a few Northern English expats and even a Viking descendant from Denmark.

Ron Longerschlong, and the first 9 set out to recreate the club, importing guns and exporting hard drugs. However, this time, they used a front. Ron set up and ran a legal adult business, being Longerschlong Productions, using this as a front to launder the ill-gotten gains of their illegal ventures. The club continued to grow, becoming one of the best and biggest 1% outlaw clubs in the state.