The Morozov Mob is a crew in GTA V that is based on the leaders real life connection to Russian mobs and the actual Morozov family. 

Crew History

The actual Morozov family was officially made in Russia pre-1400s after a large number of slaves ran away from their owner and started their own community.  When the Russian government found the slaves and attempted to return them to their owner, the slaves fought back.  After many years, the Russian government concluded just to let the slaves become citizens.  When asked what their names were for documents (without having a last name), many of them said (insert first name) and Morozov (Morozova if a female). This is the last name of their "owner".

The leader (Juicekid313) is a Morozov (mothers maiden name not official) and also related to an unknown Russian mafia crime family. When creating a crew, he just put two and two together.

Crew Equipment

and the reasons for the choices.

Crew ideals

  • Killing is senseless if not provoked.
  • Do not kill "Bambis" or early on players.
  • Bounty kills are OK.

Crew Plans

  • If you are in an session where you are in trouble with other players go to the Los Santos Customs in Harmony there is a door to the left of the garage doors that you can enter. If there is other crew members online text them to request backup.
  • If you have a bounty or you see another member that happens to have a bounty feel free to kill them as long as the person gets 50% of the bounty.
  • The Los Santos Coustoms in harmony is the crew meet up due to being in close proximity to multiple resources (repair shop, airstrip, store, clothes) and being secluded from the main city.