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The Chapetes or Mirror Park Jotos are a Multicultural Street Gang in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. They wear the colour "red".  


The Chapetes/Mirror Park Jotos have turf in Mirror Park, the largest suburb in GTA V. Although the main gang remains online you can actually find Hispanic misfits around the area who fly the colour red which do participate in criminal activities. You can also find Cholos in and around the area in GTA V who fly red as a colour as well.



The Chaps in Mirror Park are split up into two sets. The Place and the Boulevard Set. There is no beef between the sets and are hardly separated. Place Set consists of:

The Boulevard Set includes:

Nikola Avenue

Nikola Avenue is shared as it runs from the cul-de-sac where the OG's once lived, through to the other side of the park. Hipsters claim the reputation over the park but actually every week at least 3 get caught in the crossfire between rival gangs. Considering that Jotos usually stay in groups it makes them a more likely target as there is more to kill. But sharing does no harm as the only reason the two sets are split is because of the Criminal Activities they are Involved in. The Sets have different beef with different gangs. Scroll down to the Association + Affiliations section to find out more.

Publicity + Locals

GTA V Gang Wars Oakland - Online Gang Documentary-007:27

GTA V Gang Wars Oakland - Online Gang Documentary-0

The Chapetes have a documentary up on the leaders channel. Go leave a like and make sure to subscribe to him if you have the time, he does some amazing gang videos! But anyways social media runs the small area, fashion and all, probably hence all the Hipsters. There are usually gunfights in the Utopia Gardens around Midnight as Hipsters all meet up and party. Sometimes annoying the gang members that are posting and patrolling the area. The Hipsters usually drive classy cars or in their words, "Swag" cars , Motorcycles and even Mopeds. They tend to drink, smoke and used to blast loud music, which is probably why it's not so loud when they party nowadays. Hipsters don't tend to retaliate, they just run away when they feel threatened or think they are in trouble. But it's not always a bad thing, Hipsters are what you might say timid. They get too scared. So when they are running away they rarely attempt to call the Police on you.

Association + Affiliations

The Mirror Park sets are involved in two different Trades. The Place Set are Involved in the Weapon Trades. They have beef with the El Salvadorians (Marbunta Grande) as they have leads in the Weapons Trade and the Mexican Drug Cartels. The Place Set use an Abandoned Warehouse up in Grapeseed for their deals. Their is also the McKenzie Field Hangar where rival trades happen between the VLA (Aztecas) and other unknown arms traders. The Boulevard Set on the other hand Participate in Drag Racing and Drifting Competitons. The Mirror Park Sets all participate in Drifting and other Races. Even the Place Reds. The Vinewood Track in East Vinewood just behind the Casino is used for Drift Races & Comp's.


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