The Transylvanian Mob is a gang themed all stars crew. This crew also runs a CEO and motorcycle club that sell all sorts of illegal goods. The crew also is big on hunting bounties. The Crew is a stem of a Transylvanian Mob community on PS4 that is active on all games. The crew is lead by a Romanian, and even though it's currently small; it's made of mostly Romanians and Moldovans. But anyone can join. The Transylvanian gangsters are know for wearing casual suits, and looking like average people. The crew uses every weapon and every super and sports car as well as many others sedans and SUVs. The Transylvanian Mob are affiliated with and enemies with several NPC gangs as well as others crews. The crew's tag is "Gang" which describes it very obviously. The crew's emblem is the same as the Transylvanian coat of arms. The crew does vehicle cargo, special cargo, biker cargo and bunker cargo as well as heists and usually brings in several hundreds of thousands of dollars per day.