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"Whet your appetite for destruction with an all-you-can-eat buffet. Get strapped with a favorite piece of heavy artillery and let loose over a given time period with no wanted level in sight. Wanton destruction is rewarded with every bullet hole and blast. The player with the largest property damage bill who causes the most destruction will win."
— Description

Criminal Damage is a Freemode Event featured in Grand Theft Auto Online, added as part of the Freemode Events Update.


"It's time to rack up some apocalyptic property damage to earn yourself a generous cash and RP bonus. Keep in mind that the more expensive the stuff you wreck, the higher the score, so head on over to The Vinewood Hills, Richman, and Rockford Hills and do Trevor Philips proud by going on your wildest rampage."
Rockstar Newswire Description

Like other Freemode Events in GTA Online, the players in the current session will be notified that Criminal Damage will begin soon. A 3 minute countdown period will begin.

Once begun, the objective is fairly simple: cause the most damage, by racking up the destruction costs. The top 3 players who've caused the most costly damage will be listed in the Gold, Silver, Bronze table located at the bottom right of the HUD.

The players have 5 minutes to cause destruction. During Criminal Damage, police will not respond to any crimes committed.


  • Fairly obviously, the player is either going to need a high-powered/highly damaging weapon or vehicle. In terms of availability, beginner players should stick to Grenades and Sticky Bombs, unless they have any armed vehicles. Higher level players should choose something with an explosive cannon for the most effective use. A Hydra, Savage and Rhino are good picks, for their infinite ammo, fast reload times, and their functionality.
  • Causing a pile-up of cars is the best way to cause more damage. This way, the player has the chance of taking the lead quicker than if they destroy cars individually; one after the other.
  • Be ready - chances are, players will immediately start taking the lead, and once players begin the to take the lead, it can be tricky to catch up and take their position. Remember to be ready, in a safe, suitable (somewhere with a lot of traffic) spot, and be equipped with the chosen weapon/vehicle.
  • The player can also find a location on a highway, a good example is outside the Chicken Factory in Paleto Bay, and blow-up all cars possible. Also, for extra cash, the player can destroy Fire Trucks, so it is advised the player does not leave the vicinity too quickly, in case they miss the Fire Trucks responding. It is suggested to call in a Rhino Tank and avoid using aircrafts as it may be in an area with many telephone poles and buildings.
  • Pegasus vehicles called in by the player will also count towards the total damage, with higher-cost vehicles such as the Swift Deluxe contributing up to $750,000 towards the score. Pegasus will generally gain a 5 minute cooldown once this Freemode Event begins, although there are workarounds which allow the player to not be affected by the cooldown.
    • If this happens, use one of the weaponized vehicles such as an APC, Weaponized Tampa, or Dune FAV as temporarily to destroy other vehicles.
  • An exploitable method is to register into Securoserv, request any aircraft vehicle such as a Buzzard, retire Securoserv, and destroy the vehicle. This method can be repeated to earn $750,000 per aircraft destroyed.


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