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The Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack is a paid starter pack added to Grand Theft Auto Online.


The DLC was made available on PlayStation Store, Xbox Live, and Steam without prior announcement on December 14, 2017.

The DLC provides new players to GTA Online with a subset of previous DLC features to get them off to a start as an alternative to purchasing Shark Cards and making individual purchases in game.

The content provided is not resellable once in game.[1]


All platforms $39.99 £39.99 €44.99 $67.95

Update Content

$1,000,000 Bonus Cash

Description Cheapest Available Value GTA$
Executive Office Maze Bank West $1,000,000
Gunrunning Bunker Paleto Forest $1,165,000
Counterfeit Cash Factory Grand Senora Desert $845,000
Biker Clubhouse Great Chapparal $200,000
Apartment (low-end 2-car) 1561 San Vitus St $99,000
10 Car Garage 1337 Exceptionalists Way $112,500
Subtotal Value $3,421,500
Dune FAV $1,130,500
Maibatsu Frogger $1,300,000
Enus Windsor $845,000
Obey Omnis $701,000
Coquette Classic $665,000
Grotti Turismo R $500,000
Pegassi Vortex $356,000
Enus Huntley S $195,000
Western Zombie Chopper $122,000
Bravado Banshee $105,000
Subtotal Value $5,919,500
Weapons and more
Compact Grenade Launcher $45,000
Marksman Rifle $15,750
Compact Rifle $14,650
More than 30 unique Outfits &

More than 60 unique Tattoos

  • Racing outfit
  • Biker outfit
  • Stunt outfit
  • Import/Export outfit
  • Biker Tattoos
Subtotal Value over $75,400
Total Asset Value $9,416,400
Total (minimum) Value including Cash Bonus $10,416,400



GTA Online Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack - All Content Showcase

GTA Online Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack - All Content Showcase

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  1. "The vehicles included with the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack have no trade-in value. Any vehicle acquired for free will not have any in-game trade-in value. If free vehicles are modded, they will return the standard value based on the current in-game mod pricing. Any vehicles owned prior to purchasing the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack can be sold as normal, but vehicles repurchased for free will not have a trade-in value."
    Selling Vehicles from the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack