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"Heavy-duty crowbar forged from high quality, tempered steel for that extra leverage you need to get the job done."
GTA V description on the Rockstar Games Social Club.

The Crowbar is a melee weapon featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The crowbar is featured as a quick-hitting, one-handed melee weapon, and alongside the Golf Club and the Baseball Bat, is considered fairly hidden among the melee weapons (they are not purchasable at Ammu-Nation).

The crowbar is capable of high damage, and is somewhat very similar to the knife.


Grand Theft Auto V

  • Between a stack of pallets and a green waste bin in a parking spot under the brick building with a large bell on it at the Clucking Bell Farms factory in Paleto Bay.
  • One can also be found on top of a sunken freighter off the southeast coast of the land mass.
  • A third one can be found in the mine, near the middle of it. Looking at the map, the very bottom road will curve upwards towards the middle of the mine, and at the very top there's a very short road going straight north. On this outcropping there are two small houses and two porta potties. The crowbar is lying on the ground in front of the porta potties.
  • A fourth is located on a metal staircase leading up to the second story of the Los Santos Customs building in Burton, near Michael's mansion.
  • At the You Tool store in the Grand Senora Desert left to the entrance under the washing machines.
  • Behind the Hang Ten Surf Shop in Banham Canyon on the eastern side of the Great Ocean Highway next to the southern pedestrian bridge over the highway. It is lying on the ground in an area filled with other tools and woodworking equipment.
  • On top of a sunken freighter near the train bridge in Banning.
  • At the western edge of Marina Drive, Sandy Shores.
  • Located down a long dirt driveway, where a secluded house in the northern most part of Great Chaparral. It is found lying in front of a dilapidated car. Sometimes two rednecks will appear and become hostile when approached with one wielding a gun, so be vigilant.

Grand Theft Auto Online


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