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Crowfest '98 is a benefit concert held in Liberty City Stadium in 1998, during the events of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It is sponsored by the Liberty Tree and Radio Del Mundo, and cannot be watched by the player. Its taglines are "More a way of life than a festival really" and "Making charity history", a play on Live Aid's "Make poverty history".


The concert features English musician Crow and a few other acts, the names of which are references to real-life bands and performers. It is held in three stages: the Woodland Stage, the Lazer Boyz Stage and the World Orchestra Stage. A complete lineup is listed below.

Woodland Stage

Lazer Boyz Stage

  • Crow (Sting)
  • Porcelain Throne
  • Wizard's Sleeve
  • Country Joe Magic
  • Psyche-Delia & Friends
  • The Runestone Cowboy (Rhinestone Cowboy)

World Orchestra Stage

  • The Elements
  • D.S.S.
  • Dr. Dreyfuss and Emma (Dr. Dre and Eminem)
  • Didon't (Dido)
  • Ethnic Majority


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