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"The Crusader is a military-grade SUV popular with US armed forces in the Middle East and lesbians in the Pacific North West. Perfect for navigating hostile terrain like bombed-out villages and vegan craft fairs. Its four-cylinder diesel engine comes nowhere near to meeting US emission standards, but we're guessing that carbon footprint isn't top of your priority list."
Warstock Cache & Carry webpage

The Canis Crusader is an off-road vehicle that is in Grand Theft Auto V. The vehicle is military version of the Mesa Grande. It is an armored vehicle, making it useful for getaways. The automatic wanted level you acquire when entering Fort Zancudo can make this vehicle difficult to acquire.


The SUV resembles a 2007–2009 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon for the sides and rear, with the front face being inspired by the UAZ 469.





  • Can be bought for $225,000 from Warstock Cache & Carry.
  • Found at Fort Zancudo.
    • Can also be found driving outside Fort Zancudo if the player first approaches the fort before turning back to the highway.


  • The default radio station for the Crusader is:
  • There is currently a bug that prevents the Crusader from appearing in your hangar after purchasing it from Warstock Cache & Carry. If your character owns any aircraft the Crusader will not appear in the vehicle roster.
  • The Crusader is the first military SUV in the 3D-HD universe that isn't the Patriot
  • In the beta version of the game, the Cruader was the only vehicle in the Cargo Plane in the mission Minor Turbulence (as it was seen in the second trailer), but was replaced with a Mesa Grande.
  • Due to the Crusader being classified as a Government/Emergency vehicle, it can't be modified at a garage.
  • The Crusader's headlights seem to be more voulnerable to being broken then the civilian Mesa's.


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