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The Cuban 800 is a light twin engine plane in GTA V. Its name is seen in Max Payne 3's files and finally confirmed in second trailer as the same name is seen on the back of it.


It is based on the Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche with features derived from the PA-23 Aztec, Cessna 310, and Beech-56 Baron.



Trevor Phillips flying a Cuban 800 away from an explosion


  • The Cuban 800 is the first vehicle from the Max Payne vehicle.ide to appear in the game. It's unknown if the other vehicles on the list are going to make their appearances.
  • So far, the Cuban 800 is seen to be primarily white with two possible colors for it's stripes, red and blue. Stripes also seem to be painted either on the top or on the bottom.


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